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Small Talk only accepts referrals from certified Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs). If you or your health-care provider have concerns about your child’s speech and language development, please first have your child assessed by an SLP. You can find an SLP by following these links:

Vancouver Coastal Health

British Columbia Association of Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Referrals must be faxed to our centre by your existing SLP, with your child’s most recent assessment report attached.

Once a referral is received, Small Talk will contact you to arrange an initial consultation appointment.


Please consider our eligibility criteria (Who We Serve) prior to referral. Please download our Small Talk Referral Form and fax it to us along with any recent assessment reports.

  • Your referral is considered by the Director and SLP to determine eligibility
  • Our Director will contact the family/caregivers to acknowledge receipt of referral and to schedule an initial consult with the Director and SLP
  • Clients and caregivers will be invited to attend an initial consultation meeting at Small Talk to share service information and to determine the suitability of Small Talk’s service for the client
  • If further information is required to determine the suitability of service, the Small Talk SLP may follow-up on the initial meeting with the referring SLP, or schedule a second observation session in another location
  • The Small Talk SLP will contact caregivers to offer a place in the program or to discuss rationale for delayed or declined service
  • The Small Talk SLP will contact you to inform you of your referral outcome
  • The Office Manager will send written confirmation and further information to the family
  • A family may withdraw from enrolment if circumstances change prior to program start
  • A referring SLP may withdraw their referral prior to commencement of Small Talk service if a client’s development in individual therapy indicates that they would no longer benefit from group language therapy
  • Your client’s communication development is re-assessed during the period of his or her Small Talk attendance

Places are offered in order of referral date. Please contact the Small Talk SLP if you have any further questions.