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Like any charity during these trying times, giving up a large fundraising event can have a significant impact on its organization’s bottom line. However, thanks to the generosity and flexibility of Granville Island, we have discovered a way to have our Plywood Cup and hopefully keep us financially…afloat.

On June 20th– when we were looking forward to our annual Plywood Cup drawing capacity crowds and donations – we will be continuing our fundraiser with a live stream of a brave lone carpenter on the dock of Granville Island, who will attempt to build a seaworthy craft out of three sheets of Plywood in just 90 minutes with only some nails, a hammer, duct tape, and a hand saw!  

Unlike the traditional event, where there are usually four people on a team, he will elect himself as captain AND skipper of the boat he built and paddle it! How far he will get is anyone’s guess, but we will be right there with him, sink or swim, live streaming his courageous journey!

Please support us by DONATING NOW and joining us for the Plywood Cup challenge.