For the health and safety of everyone in our community, please review and follow our policy carefully. We appreciate your cooperation:

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Families

VSB Daily Health Assessment

Site Map & Drop-Off / Pick-Up Zones
*Access to Small Talk grounds is by APPOINTMENTS ONLY. Please wait for a staff at your designated location.

The visuals below are created to help facilitate your discussions with children regarding changes, expectations and feelings they may experience during this pandemic.

Please REVIEW and INCORPORATE them into your daily lives AS FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE to support your children’s processing and understanding.

Physical Distancing / Good Hygiene / Stay Home if Sick / Staff in PPE Set

Vancouver Coast How to Wash Your Hands Poster

CBC Kids Handwashing Steps

Physical Distancing: Personal Bubble / Space

Good Hygiene: Germs Are Not for Sharing

Teachers Wearing Masks and Face Shields

Good Hygiene: Hand-Washing

Good Hygiene: Cough and Sneeze into Your Arm

Good Hygiene: When to Wash Your Hands