About Us


Small Talk’s origin can be traced back to the BC Children’s Hospital Diagnostic Centre, which was established in Vancouver in 1970. Developmental assessments were completed by a multi-disciplinary team, and, if it was deemed necessary, children were also seen in the observational unit, which resembled a pre-school environment. Some children would come for months at a time to help support their language development.

In 1980 the Children’s Hospital was scheduled to move to a new location on Oak Street. The Diagnostic Centre and the Health Centre for Children were planned to be included in the complex. There was no room for the Observation Unit Preschool in the new plan. So began the work to establish a new program, which would continue to serve the same population. The Small Talk Society for Developmental Language Disorders in Preschool Age Children was officially established in 1982, to operate Small Talk Centre for Language Development. Eventually a shorter name was adopted: Small Talk!

Like any new charity, the early years were a struggle. Were it not for the help of the Vancouver Foundation, Kiwanis Club, and the Canadian Progress Club, Small Talk would no longer be here. A group of truly dedicated professionals and tireless fundraisers continue to keep our centre operating today.

Principles of best clinical practice have always guided our play-based language therapy programs. Today, we continue in our endeavor to meet the needs of the young language-delayed or disordered child who is eager to communicate and to participate in the world around them.


Small Talk is open to children:

  • Aged 3–6
  • Who have been assessed by a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist (RSLP)
  • Who are diagnosed with delayed or disordered language development
  • Whose language difficulties exist in their first language
  • Whose learning needs can be managed in a small group
  • Who are living in Vancouver

Small Talk’s professionals work together to ensure quality care and motivating learning experiences for your child. We are:

Jennifer Campbell Founder Executive Director *
Jennifer Campbell
Executive Director
Natalia Verand
Office Manager
Danielle Fonseca
Speech and Language Pathologist
Jennifer Seagris
Speech and Language Pathologist
Esther Yang
Senior Teacher
Early Childhood Educator
Early Childhood Educator
Katie James
Early Childhood Educator
Simona Scoffone
Early Childhood Educator

Small Talk’s Board of Directors is elected to act as the stewards of our business, personnel, and financial affairs. We are:

  • George Gregory, Chair
  • Jonas Dubas, Director
  • Cathy Gordon, Director
  • Patricia Andreola, Director
  • Rick Friedel, Director
  • Elizabeth Cooper, Director
  • Brian Boone, Director