Dear Families, Friends, and Colleagues,

After almost forty years of operation, Small Talk will be closing its doors at the end of June 2021. Since our beginning, we have managed to weather every storm that has come our way, however our present operation and business model is simply not sustainable during these current challenging times. 

Despite the closure of our centre, we will take time to consider how we can best continue in our endeavor to meet the needs of the young, language-delayed or disordered child who is eager to communicate and to participate in the world around them.

What has always made Small Talk special is its staff. From the beginning, I knew that focusing my energy on their needs would support the very best possible outcome for the children in our care. Our centre’s unique environment has allowed speech-language pathologists and teachers to work tirelessly and seamlessly together. Over the years, our curriculum and therapy have adjusted to keep pace with the changes in our field, however our commitment to play-based intervention has never wavered and continues to be best practice today.  

Along with our staff, both current and previous, I would also very much like to thank our Board of Directors, especially those who have been with us since our inception. Every imaginable challenge has been thrown at these tenacious individuals who have repeatedly made the best of each tricky situation. 

It’s hard not to get sentimental about closing, but I truly feel blessed to have been given this opportunity, always knowing at the end of each workday that a child’s comment, or a staff member’s quip would have me leave with a smile on my face. 

Young children with a Developmental Language Delay or Disorder will continue to require early intervention utilizing key strategies and techniques that support them to become the very best that they can be. At Small Talk, we believe that we created an environment that made our little learners, feel safe and happy, but more importantly, confident to engage in the world around them. 

All of us here at Small Talk are very proud of our accomplishments and we will be forever grateful to those who supported us through the years. 

Thank you so much.